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For the last three months, one of my top priorities has been the redesign of my books, catalogs and magazines webpages to make finding an item in my vast inventory easier than before. I have added a new "Treasures" page that includes videos, news stories and resources related to the sale of or finding of buried or sunken treasures. In July, I acquired a huge militaria reference and Civil War history book collection of over 260 titles that has taken me some time to properly catalog. There are many rare and desirable books in the lot that will certainly help to fill holes in the relic hunter's or Civil War historian's library. I hope that the new site design and the new content webpage meets everyone's needs. Thank you for your continued support of this site!

- Alan Workman

What is Workman's Books?

Welcome to the on-line bookshop of Alan David Workman. I am an on-line bookseller specializing in numismatic, military, and treasure hunting-related auction catalogs, books, and magazines for the discerning collector or casual hobbyist. Please take your time and enjoy browsing my collections. If you aren't able to find a title you are looking for, please take a few minutes to email me your want list. I will contact you when I acquire an item on your list. If you have a collection of similar material for sale, I would be happy to make an offer for your collection. Have fun!
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